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Short Term Hire

Short Term Hire

When organising an event, the need for an Automated External Defibrillator is very important.  Often events are spread over a distance and the Emergency Services may well take additional time to reach your location. We will arrange for the machine to be delivered to a UK postal address.  You will need to arrange for the AED to return at the end of the short term hire.

About our equipment

For the duration of the event we will provide you with a Phillips FR2 machine. This machine has an IP rating of 54 which means it can be used at outside events. The machine comes with 2 sets of Adult pads and a spare battery.  With the machine we also provide a preparatory kit which includes scissors, razor, towel, gloves and face shield.


£300 + VAT for upto 1 month and £300 + VAT refundable deposit for the machine