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Long term hire

Long term hire


The advantages of having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) onsite could enable either a staff member or a visitor to your site to survive.  To get the best Chance of Survival to a casualty who has gone into Cardiac Arrest, the giving of a shock through an AED needs to be given within 3 minutes.

The Government target is to get an AED to a casualty within 8 minutes.  The onsite AED will give you a much better chance of survival, as that defibrillator is instantly available.

With our long term hire we will come onsite annually and train upto 12 members of staff the necessary skills for the use of the AED.  Those attending the training will be assessed and could obtain a Level 2 qualification in use of an AED and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

About our equipment

SP1 in case

The Welmedical SP1 machine has an IP rating of 55.  This means it is dust resistant and is protected against damage from water jets.  The machine has the following features:

Robust one-piece design
Simple switch from adult to child mode
2 x Dual adult/child electrode pads
Ambient noise detector
CPR detection and metronome
Pad life indicator
Battery level indicator
Operational status indicator
Clear visual and verbal guidance
Large internal memory can store 5 events, upto 3 hours per event
simple data access with SD card download
2 x preparatory kit (gloves, face shield, razor, scissors and towel)
Case for AED

What will we do

We will come onsite each year and provide the training for upto 12 people leading to a Level 2 qualification in the use of an AED and CPR.
Any consumables you use (pads, preparatory kits etc) we will replace.
Annual check for machine.
Provide weekly checklist for you to record your observational checks.


£58.66 + VAT per month including annual training of upto 12 appropriate staff and service of machine.  This is when you agree to a minimum of 12 months.